Introduction to The Jayacomn at a Glance.

At first Jayacomn as the company's Information Technology (IT), we provide consulting and IT services, network infrastructure design, and a provider of information systems for various industrial fields. Along with the dynamics of business growth, now, Jayacomn to develop themselves in the telecommunications industry into its business scope.
Jayacomn formally established in 2014 with one simple goal, to be the best business people in the Data Communications Service Providers and System and Network Integration nationally supported by an experienced team of experts, in order to provide the Best Service Solutions, for the needs of the business community.


Being a Service Provider ICT (Information & Communication Technology) are reliable, and became one of the well-known IT company and high quality in Indonesia.


Providing information through the means of Internet access , which is widely and easily accessible by the public , assist in the construction and development of telecommunications infrastructure in Indonesia.


Jayacomn has a strong belief in people, integrity and result oriented.
This combination is essential to accomplish the company’s primary purpose and the same time will improve and drive the industry performance in providing solutions to our customers.
Jayacomn’s core values; creativity, integrity, hardworking and passion are the foundation of the company culture. These values are deeply held and shared by all staff that guides our behavior, decision-making model and daily interaction among staff and team.

Our Team

Recent Work

Team Wireless

Our Wireless team are installing equiptments at one of our POPs

Team Web and Application Development.

Our Application and Web Developer team are finishing the project.

Team Fiber Optic

Our Fiber Optic team are splicing and connecting at one of our clients