Collocation & Data Center

Jayacom provides collocation services either close network (intranet) or open network (the Internet) with server collocation facilities, dedicated, and rental server rack.
Supported by the Independent Data Center with standard amenities, security, and the availibility of a data center. And we also provide hosting services for websites, online data storage and other content, as well as providing international domain registration and all kinds of domains Indonesia.

System Integrator

Jayacomn see's infrastructure really does matter. Deployed properly it has the potential to turn IT organizations from cost centers into profit centers, enabling IT to be true value creators. At the heart of this concept is our belief that IT organizations are in the business of information manufacturing and the recognition that information is the commodity your users (who are really your customers) value most. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, leveraging technology to help sustain profitable business growth is a focus for many companies.
Our System Integrator program is designed to educate and produce qualified partners who are able to help solve production challenges by advising on and delivering the best solution with the lowest amount of risk. The program offers system integrators around the world the chance to continually enhance competencies and capabilties across mutiple disciplines: control, information, process, safety and manufacturing operations.

Communication & Interconnection

Jayacomn's business core is a company specializing in communications and internet provider. Our key service areas cover access and interconnection, numbering, spectrum management, next generation networks, wireless networks and ICT development.
Jayacomn has been successfully advising clients for almost 8 years, helping them to adapt and evolve through what has been a period of explosive industry growth and change. We are equally passionate about the future and the role our team of highly experienced and skilled consultants will play in shaping the communications landscape of tomorrow.

Application & Web Developer

In the process of creating and tailoring software, we always hold consultations and discuss with the client (prospect) in the design, based on business processes, scope of work, the design criteria to meet the needs of clients. Prior to submission to the client software, we ensure that the software will be submitted meet the requirements of business and be in accordance with the customer's business workflow. To save time of manufacture, we have prepared some basic modules for specific applications already available.
For website creation, we always discuss and communicate with clients in depth understanding of customer needs and corporate identities. This approach allows us to design the website in accordance with customer needs, both for the purpose of promotion, web portal, registration and on-line transactions. We also ensure that the web appearance will reflect the overall corporate identity.

Security & Audio Visual

Jayacomn has a different focus but one thing remains the same. Our Security & Audio Visual Systems is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs. We are committed to giving prompt, reliable and responsive customer care and service.
We have been providing its clients with leading edge visual communications technology, including digital video recording, digital signage, video over IP and more, and we are proud to be authorized partnered various principals in the sale and support of some of the best known names in Video Surveillance, Digital Signage, Audio/video and Access Control.

Network Designs

The Jayacomn's division specializes in the design, installation and project management of Information Transport Systems (ITS) and the various technology solutions utilizing ITS. Our team of professionals use in-depth industry knowledge and extensive project management experience to deliver turnkey, industry-compliant and manufacturer certified installations for voice, data, wireless, audio/video and security solutions.